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Distributed Password Recovery HowTo

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  Today I was able to open a TrueCrypt Volume in a very important case. All the relevant information for the case has been in there. Other products have failed before. Thank you Passware!
Matthias Berg,
Hessisches Landeskriminalamt,
Detective Inspector.

Wow! I have worked with and taught a number of forensic software tools, but Passware Kit Forensic is the top dog. From lost passwords to complete Bitlocker and TrueCrypt Volume recovery. This is an absolute must for security and IT Professionals.
Andy Malone,
Microsoft MVP,
Cybercrime Security Forum & Microsoft TechEd 2010 Speaker.

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Below are the steps to use Distributed Password Recovery.

Passware Kit Agent is available for download for both Windows and Linux systems, 32 and 64 bit.

For instructions on installing and running Passware Kit Agent on Linux, refer to the README file from the downloaded TAR archive.

Below are the instructions on installing and running Passware Kit Agent for Windows.

The overall steps are:

  • Download and install Passware Kit Agents on multiple computers
  • Run Passware Kit on your computer (Passware Kit Server)
  • Passware Kit Agents detect and connect to Passware Kit automatically, and password recovery tasks are divided among multiple computers

Installing Passware Kit Agents

1. Run the passware-kit-agent.msi file to install Passware Kit Agent on node computers. Use the same installation file to install the Agents on multiple computers.
2. You have the option to configure Passware Kit Agent to connect to a specific server. Launch Passware Kit Agent. The following screen appears:

Passware Kit Agent Start

At the Settings tab, you can choose between Auto discovery and Manual connection to Passware Kit:

Passware Kit Agent Settings

In the Auto discovery mode, Passware Kit Agent automatically locates a running installation of Passware Kit over the network. In the Manual connection mode, you can specify the name of the computer Passware Kit is running on.

Recovering the Password

1. Launch Passware Kit on the server computer and select a file to process. At the following screen, click the Enable distributed password recovery checkbox:

Passware Kit Forensic - Enable Distributed Password Recovery

2. Choose one of the three options to specify password settings. Password recovery process starts.

3. The Agents tab displays all the Passware Kit Agents detected over the network. You can see the status of each of the Agents in the Status column:

Passware Kit Forensic - Agents

Status "Running the current attack" means that this Passware Kit Agent is connected to Passware Kit and is running the current password recovery task.

4. When the Passware Kit Agent is connected to Passware Kit, the Settings tab displays the IP address and port of the Passware Kit Server, and the Activity tab displays a graph of resources usage:

Passware Kit Agent - Activity

During the password recovery process, the status of the Agent is "Connected and busy..."

5. The detailed activity of the Passware Kit and Passware Kit Agents is displayed in the Log tab:

Passware Kit Forensic - Log

Now your password is being recovered using multiple computers efficiently!

Adding More Passware Kit Agents

If you would like to connect more Passware Kit Agents and make the password recovery process even faster, please place an order for an additional package:

With your order you will receive a new Product Key for your Passware Kit, which will add Passware Kit Agents to your license. Follow these steps to apply this new Product Key:

1. Launch Passware Kit and click Tools | License Manager:

Passware Kit Forensic - Tools

2. The License Manager window appears. It displays the initial Product Key of your Passware Kit license and the total number of Passware Kit Agents available for this license:

Passware Kit Forensic - License Manager

Click Add Key:

Passware Kit Forensic - Add Serial Number

3. Enter your new Product Key and click OK.

4. The License Manager windows now displays your new Product Key and the increased number of Passware Kit Agents available for your license. Click OK to save the changes.

Now you can use more computers to recover your password even faster!

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