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Hardware Acceleration

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Passware Kit Forensic+TACC 1441
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Passware Kit Running on 32 Cores
GPU Acceleration for RAR Password Recovery
Distributed Password Recovery

Passware Kit accelerates password-recovery processes using hardware.

Multiple CPUs

Passware Kit utilizes multi-core computers efficiently. Password-recovery speed is increased scalable to the number of CPUs on a computer.


GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) cards help to accelerate password recovery by up to 45 times. Passware Kit supports all types of NVIDIA GeForce cards, TESLA, and other CUDA cards, as well as AMD ATI.

Passware Kit automatically detects NVIDIA and ATI cards available for acceleration on a target computer and uses them to speed up the password search process. It can use multiple cards simultaneously.

NVIDIA GTX 680/780 Titan cards are highly recommended. If energy consumption is a problem, then choose NVIDIA Tesla. More cost-efficient cards are AMD Radeon R9 series, or AMD FirePro if you need a more energy-efficient solution.

NOTE: The performance of NVIDIA cards depends on the version of the driver installed. The maximum password recovery speed on NVIDIA cards is achieved using driver GeForce 340.52 or 333.11 for Tesla.

View full list of NVIDIA cards supported

View full list of AMD cards supported

Tableau TACC

Tableau TACC hardware accelerator helps to speed up the password-recovery process by up to 25 times. The device is connected to a computer through a FireWire port.


Distributed Password Recovery

Passware Kit uses the computing power of multiple computers to achieve the highest performance. All hardware acceleration methods listed above can be used in Distributed Password Recovery.


The graph and table below summarize the accelerated password-recovery speeds for the most difficult-to-decrypt file types. *

GPU Acceleration

File Type Encryption / Hashing Password Recovery Speed on CPU

Password Recovery Speed on NVIDIA GPU (p/s)

Password Recovery Speed on ATI GPU

Password Recovery Speed on TACC accelerator (p/s)
Android Backup AES-256 / SHA-1 1,868 24,654 25,565 7,366
Android Image AES-128 / SHA-1 9,365 120,661 121,296 34,268
Apple DMG AES-128 / SHA-1 16,691 76,542 69,557 24,913
Apple iTunes Backup AES 256 / SHA-1 1,858 24,488 25,591 6,673
Lotus Notes ID AES-128 / SHA-1 601 83,642 N/A N/A
Mac FileVault2 AES-128 / SHA-256 51 3,703 4,235 N/A
Mac Keychain TripleDes / SHA-1 18,228 181,765 174,655 48,005
Mac OS X 10.8-10.9 Hash SHA-512 35 635 515 N/A
MS BitLocker BitLocker / SHA-256 5 168 N/A N/A
MS Office 2013 AES-256 / SHA-512 63 1,108 1,230 N/A
MS Office 2010 AES-128 / SHA-1 699 10,391 10,600 1,922
MS Office 2007 CSP / SHA-1 1,412 20,912 20,980 3,804
PGP SDA Archive CAST / SHA-1 10,807 424,275 N/A 56,821
PGP Disk (PGD) AES-256 / SHA-1 1,900 N/A N/A 15,140
PGP Private Keyring RSA AES-256 / SHA-1 666 31,644 N/A 4,699
PGP Private Keyring DSA AES-256 / SHA-1 502 23,905 N/A 3,572
PGP WDE AES-256 / SHA-1 7,935 301,697 N/A 48,335
PGP Zip Archive CAST / SHA-1 258 13,285 N/A 1,863
RAR 3.x-4.x AES-128 / SHA-1 579 9,588 9,529 1,751
RAR 5.x AES-256 / SHA-256 78 5,619 6,457 N/A
TrueCrypt System / RIPEMD-160 452 48,411 50,885 N/A
Zip AES / SHA-1 36,092 467,013 451,293 91,288
7-Zip Archive AES-256 / SHA-256 398 4,467 N/A N/A

Settings: Brute-force attack, password length from 5 to 5 characters, English lowercase letters, English uppercase letters, numbers.
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 cores)
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 (Titan)
GPU: AMD Radeon™ R9
TACC: Tableau TACC1441.

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