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Passware Kit Forensic 2015 - Lab Edition

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  Today I was able to open a TrueCrypt Volume in a very important case. All the relevant information for the case has been in there. Other products have failed before. Thank you Passware!
Matthias Berg,
Hessisches Landeskriminalamt,
Detective Inspector.

Wow! I have worked with and taught a number of forensic software tools, but Passware Kit Forensic is the top dog. From lost passwords to complete Bitlocker and TrueCrypt Volume recovery. This is an absolute must for security and IT Professionals.
Andy Malone,
Microsoft MVP,
Cybercrime Security Forum & Microsoft TechEd 2010 Speaker.

62 MB
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Start Page
Encryption Scanning Results
Attacks Editor
Batch File Processing
Distributed Password Recovery
File Unprotected
Web Passwords Recovered
Windows Accounts Passwords Reset
Acquiring Memory Image
BitLocker Keys Recovered
TrueCrypt Volume Decrypted
Mac User Login Passwords Recovered

Complete eDiscovery and password cracking package for a forensic laboratory.

What's In The Box

Key Benefits

  • 64-bit version
    Works efficiently with thousands of files in batch mode and larger dictionary files

  • Recovers password for 200+ file types
    Including MS Office, PDF, Zip & RAR, QuickBooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes. Cracks passwords for Android backups, Apple disk images, BestCrypt files, FileMaker databases, Apple keychain, etc.

  • Batch processing
    Runs password recovery for groups of files without manual intervention.

  • Live Memory Analysis
    Extracts encryption keys for BitLocker, TrueCrypt, FileVault2, PGP, MS Office files, as well as passwords for websites, Windows and Mac users from memory images and hibernation files.

  • Accelerated password recovery
    To achieve the highest performance, Passware Kit Forensic uses GPU hardware acceleration (NVIDIA and AMD), distributed password recovery and cloud computing.

  • Portable Version
    Portable USB version that does not require installation on a target computer included.

More Features

  • Batch password recovery with support for an unlimited number of files, regardless of their types
  • FireWire memory imaging tool included
  • Encryption scanning and password audit included
  • Integrated with other forensic software: Guidance EnCase, Oxygen Forensic Suite
  • Easy-to-use, customizable all-in-one user interface
  • 3 years of software updates subscription included
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