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Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK 2016 v.1

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Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK allows easy integration of Passware Kit Forensic features into third-party applications.

Key Features

  • Recovers passwords for more than 200 different file types * Updated!
  • Creates unprotected copies of MS Office documents
  • Uses hardware acceleration to speed up the password recovery process by up to 100 times: NVIDIA and AMD GPUs Updated!, multiple-core CPUs, Tableau TACC.
  • Includes other features of Passware Kit Forensic (with some limitations)

Benefits for Developers
Use all the key features of Passware Kit Forensic within your application.

Passware Kit .NET SDK is licensed per developer. An additional license of Passware Kit Forensic is required for each computer running the software that uses the SDK.

* Limitations

  • Does not recover passwords for PGP SKR, BitLocker, and TrueCrypt
  • Does not recover internet passwords (websites, email, etc.) stored in registry
  • Does not support Distributed Password Recovery
  • Does not save password search state to resume after a stop

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