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Do you have a story? Tell us about your experience using our software.

Used our software to solve a criminal case? Found something interesting with our software? Recovered an unusual or funny password?

We welcome any stories! Share your experiences using the software, any use-cases, product suggestions, or other feedback you might have.

With your permission, we will publish your story here.

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We thank our customers that have shared their stories. Here are some of them.

  • With multiple projects and multiple files to decrypt, the new feature for shared dictionaries stored on network drives has made it easier to keep a central repository for known passwords for different projects. It makes it easy to update and be shared among colleagues no matter their location. The shared dictionaries can be used by multiple installations of Passware Kit simultaneously.

    Javier Escalera, Senior Consultant, Computer Forensics Technology, FTI Consulting.

  • Bought this software as I needed to open my excel file but there was scepticism.

    Yana helped and walked me through the entire set up using Virtual Box for Mac.

    I ran the program for about 8 hours using the run wizard but to no avail and decided to stop the whole attack on the password and restart with using the option - Predefined settings. An hour 15mins has past and I was about to shut down the attack again till it stated there was an hour left to go on the system therefore I decided to let it run while I work. Minutes from that decision - VOILA! The password was retrieved.

    Thank you guys and glad to know it worked for me.

    Jeremy Lee, Benchmark Associates.

  • Just wanted to tell you this software is AWESOME!! Back in business in just a few minutes! Thank you!

    Jennifer Halstead, Halstead & Halstead PC.

  • Your work on FileVault decryption has been of great assistance solving a huge child pornograpy case.

    That feeling when the 22 character password was cracked - nothing beats it!

    Swedish National Police Board.

  • I want to thank the helpful staff! I was able to recover the administrator password on my laptop. Thanks again!

    Rob, Hvac Controls.

  • THAT WORKED! I forgot my Quicken passwords from 10 years ago. I bought the Quicken Key product and was into the files in minutes. Love it.

    David Wierda, Quicken Key customer.

  • My manager came to me with a pptx file requiring a password to open the file. Passware was the forth product I purchased, and the most expensive (only $79). However, you certainly get what you pay for! The other three failed (even after 36 hrs run-time). 13:55:46 Start - 14:02:38 - Password found! LESS than seven minutes!

    Jez Coates, consultant in banking industry.

  • I've been a user of Passware for about four years, as an IT guy for small businesses in my area. It bailed me out of problems a number of times when users had forgotten their passwords in workgroup environments. Recently I had an issue where I upgraded to the newest Passware Kit Basic and was unable to create the boot disk for password resets even though I had a Windows 7 Ultimate boot DVD and access to all the necessary files. I contacted support in the late evening in my area, had a message waiting for me when I awoke in the morning with a link to their WindowsKey.iso file which I successfully burned and now I'm ready for lost passwords again. Great service.

    Mark Croom, IT Specialist of IT With MC.

  • This product ROCKS! I was able to recover a password to a protected PDF file in less than 30 seconds (from purchase to download to decryption -less than 5 minutes!) This PDF had A TON of info that I needed and had 'protected' from myself. This saved me HOURs of time hunting for the same information in various files, emails etc. THANK-YOU!!!! Well worth the small fee!

    Kay Anne Gettelfinger, Passware Kit Standard customer.

  • Somehow, I think that my 6-year old son figured out how to change my Administrator password. Thankfully, your product worked like a dream! I am not what one would call "computer savvy" (unlike my son), but I didn't need to be because after running this program for about 20 seconds on my computer, I once again had administrator access to my computer. Without hesitation, I would recommend your product to others.

    C. Shelton, Windows Key customer.

  • This was a 6-year-old file that was very important to me and I want to THANK YOU for how quickly and efficiently the password was retrieved. I had tried every password I could remember to no avail. THANK YOU!

    Ron, Decryptum customer.

  • I lost all details of passwords on a number of email addresses for a community group I look after, I contacted my host for assistance, I was told change all the passwords, that is the only way, this would have been a major problem. After finding your software I called 1and1 to make them aware, they showed little interest.

    I found your software via a computer magazine; it passed the AVGFREE2013 scrutiny AOK and gave me the first password within 5 minutes of downloading.

    The instructions are written for normal users not those in command of techno speak.

    Thank you for an excellent routine which did exactly ‘what it said on the tin’. [quote from a UK advert]

    Thanks again for such a useful piece of software!

    Dave Batter, Founder of SXmitres.

  • Today I was able to open a TrueCrypt Volume in a very important case. All the relevant information for the case has been in there. Other products have failed before. Thank you Passware!

    Matthias Berg, Detective Inspector at Hessisches Landeskriminalamt.

  • We had two nine-year-old WordPerfect documents that had been password protected and the author was no longer at the firm. They were long and complex and the client only wanted minor revisions. Downloaded the software and had the two passwords in about 10 minutes. The secretary was thrilled not to have to recreate the docs. Thanks a million!

    Judy Richey, IT Manager.

  • I was able to recover all data from the BitLocker encrypted drive. I started dancing and jumping for happiness just when I saw the same Encryption ID. I tested the key displayed by Passware Kit Forensic and it worked! Needless to say: I am very happy with the results and my end user is going to be really happy to learn that his life’s work has been recovered! Passware Kit Forensic performs exactly as advertised and it’s worth every single penny.

    Andy Tous, Systems Engineer, Global IT Infrastructure & Support.

  • I frequently use Passware when called in by support personnel, when a disgruntled previous support contractor refuses to give them the password to their Windows server. I also use Passware to remove the administrator password when I need to work with an image being booted up in a VM under LiveView for a forensic examination.

    Dennis York, Forensic Analyst at Data Seekers.

  • A few weeks ago my elderly father had a problem with a faulty hard disk in his desktop and bought a replacement hard disk, reinstalled Windows and all his applications. However, he could not find the record he had made of his email account passwords. Fortunately he had also set up a notebook to access his emails through Outlook Express. Armed with Passware Kit Forensic on a USB stick, seconds later I was give him a list of all his email account details with passwords!

    David Lee, Law Enforcement.

  • Now this is truly remarkable.

    For the last few years Passware and specifically Dmitry Sumin has had a booth next to F-Response at multiple conferences, CEIC, HTCIA, etc. This year however Dmitry and I were able to finally sit down and compare notes on Passware and F-Response. Specifically we looked at Hard Drive encryption and Passware's advances with Microsoft's Bitlocker. Passware needed full physical disk access and full physical memory access to recover a Bitlocker key... Hmm, sounds like a job for F-Response!

    Early this week we received a copy of Passware Forensic, we installed it, then fired up F-Response TACTICAL on a Windows 7 machine with a BitLocker-To-Go device connected. Once connected to Physical Memory and Disk it took Passware Forensic roughly 20 minutes to display the complete Bitlocker recovery key!

    We've recorded the whole process and provided it as a video.

    [Read the full story...]

    M. Shannon, Founder of F-Response.

  • I had put a password on some journals that I wrote many years ago. Recently I found those files, but I completely forgot the password. These journals had sentimental value to me and I really wanted to be able to access them so I racked my brain thinking of all of the possible passwords that I could have used. Unfortunately, my efforts came up empty.

    I had looked online and there are many websites that advertise being able to crack passwords (some for a fee, some without). I had heard that many of these could download a virus to my computer, so I hesitated about using any of them. I asked a friend to do some research for me and he forwarded me the website for Passware.

    I was okay shelling out the $39 for the software in hopes of retrieving these files. I downloaded the software which tried to find the password, but it reported that it would take days to recover it. I wrote to customer service the next day explaining the situation and I attached the file for them to see if they could help. Just hours later, I received an email response from them with the correct password! I've now opened the file and I am quite pleased to have been reintroduced to all of the valuable information that I had kept under "lock and key" (and threw away the key) and now Passware unlocked it for me proving the supreme level of customer support!

    Brian Brager, Word Key customer.

  • One of my favourite applications is Passware Forensic 10.1 for Law enforcement professionals. Passware offer a complete set of tools that will not only recover lost passwords for documents including Office 2010 but also help reveal passwords for email and internet accounts. As a Microsoft guy I am particularly keen on Windows 7s Bitlocker to Go feature. Bitlocker like True Crypt provides users with the ability to secure personal data with high level encryption.

    Now for a bad guy who thinks that all his dirty secrets are safe. He can just simply encrypt hard disks and thumb drives right? Wrong!! Passware have managed to include the tools to perform a live memory capture and thus reveal the encryption key stored in RAM. Yesterday I spent the day running through a number of scenarios and can confirm I can crack Bitlocker!

    [Read the full story...]

    Andy Malone, CEO of Quality Training Ltd., Microsoft MVP.

  • Government investigators were able to easily break the ZIP file encryption that a Texas man allegedly used to conceal illegal images, a recent court case shows.

    The investigation of John Craig Zimmerman began when his employer, the Brownsville Fire Department, received an anonymous voice message alleging that Zimmerman was a pedophile and had child pornography on his department-owned work computer.

    A city programmer named Albert Castillo searched Zimmerman's computer and found some password-protected ZIP files titled "Cindy 5." Castillo apparently used a program Zip Key to brute-force at least some of the password-protected files and find images of a partly naked minor.

    What happened next: Zimmermann's home was raided with a search warrant, additional images he allegedly took himself were found, he was indicted on counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. In an opinion dated December 20, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen said there was a "rational basis" to assume that child pornography transmissions related to interstate commerce.

    The reason I'm mentioning this case is to argue that as encryption becomes more widespread - it's part of OS X and Vista, after all - police will encounter it more frequently, and not just in cases involving illegal images. And not all encrypted files will be as easy to brute-force.

    [Read the full story...]

    Declan McCullagh, CNET News.

  • My wife teaches at a school. One of the other teachers forgot their password and could not log into the school's laptop. Their IT department was of no help. Thanks to Passware Kit, I was able to log into the computer and reset the password. This gave team access to all their files and programs. This program is fantastic.

    Charles Snyder, CFSj.

  • Back in 1998, the principal of my school asked me to decrypt two documents. The two documents were password protected by his secretaries. The documents were long and contained a huge amount of information which the school had to send to the education authorities.

    He had asked the two secretaries for the password, but neither could remember it. So it became my job to work this out. I was new to computing and I searched the internet for help with decryption.

    I downloaded one program, and it told me that the password contained 9 letters. Back to the principal – no, he couldn't think of a 9-letter word which might be the password.

    Then I found your program, which actually displayed the password. Can you guess? It was "principal". :)

    Maggie Iaquinto, St Leonard's College.

  • My story is pretty much the same each time I use Passware. I either forgot to ask the client for the password, or the client forgot to give it to us. And of course when you go to the file to work on it, inevitably it is when your client is not reachable and it is very frustrating when you have to put the file aside again.

    But with Passware I never have to do that! Thanks.

    Alex Hunt, Hesley Hunt & Associates,Ltd.

  • May God bless all of you for creating such a successful program! Words cannot express how happy I am that I don't have to re-create 14 hours worth of work that I almost lost because of an inoperative password. Thankfully I came across your site. I was able to see my file decrypted even before paying. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Angie R., Decryptum customer.

  • After losing my password to encrypted documents that I needed access to, I thought it was the end of the world. These documents took me hours to prepare, and contained important information. Had my company not bought a license, I would have been toast! Thanks for saving my work, Passware.

    Conor LaHiff, Senior Accountant of LaHiff & Company.

  • We sell Passware software to consumers and we can see a record number of orders coming in after each major holiday. Changing a password while being intoxicated is a well-known phenomenon! In many cases such passwords are permanently forgotten the next morning :)

    One of Passware's resellers.

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