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Password Recovery Techniques

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Passware implements the latest technologies in cryptanalysis and develops an up-to-date solution for password recovery and encrypted electronic evidence discovery.

Below is the list of password recovery techniques used in Passware software.

  • Password Recovery Attacks
    Passware Kit uses 9 password recovery attacks and is able to combine different attacks for different parts of a password.
  • Online Decryption
    Passware Kit instantly decrypts MS Word and Excel files (up to version 2003) in Online Mode using Rainbow Tables method (Decryptum).
  • Hard Disk Decryption
    Passware Kit decrypts BitLocker and TrueCrypt hard disks in a matter of minutes by acquiring encryption keys from a live computer's memory over FireWire. For powered-off systems, standard Brute-force password recovery can be used.*
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing password recovery
    Passware Kit uses the computing power of multiple computers to achieve the highest password recovery speed.*
  • Hardware Acceleration
    Passware Kit speeds up password recovery by up to 45 times with NVIDIA and ATI GPU cards, TACC hardware accelerators, and multiple CPUs.*
  • File Types Supported
    Passware Kit recovers passwords for over 200 file types, as well as hard disks, websites, Windows Administrators, email, network connections, etc.*

* Passware Kit edition limitations may apply.

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