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Tableau TACC Acceleration

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Passware Kit Forensic+TACC 1441
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Passware Kit supports hardware accelerators by Tableau to speed up password recovery processes.

Tableau TACC 1441 hardware accelerator helps to speed up the password recovery process by up to 25 times. The device is connected to a computer through a FireWire port. Passware Kit supports multiple TACC hardware accelerators connected to a single computer for better performance.

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The graph and table below summarize the accelerated password recovery speeds for the most difficult to decrypt file types. *

File Type Encryption Password Recovery Speed on CPU
Password Recovery Speed on CPU with
TACC Acceleration (p/s)
MS Office 2010 AES 383 1,626
MS Office 2007 CSP 764 3,201
PGP SDA Archive CAST 7,217 53,330
PGP Disk AES 1,280 14,520
PGP Private Keyring RSA AES 448 4,481
PGP Private Keyring DSA AES 336 3,406
PGP Zip Archive CAST 174 1,779
RAR 3.x AES 315 1,507
Zip AES 19,334 75,157

Settings: Brute-force attack, password length from 5 to 5 characters, English lowercase letters, English uppercase letters, numbers.
CPU: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz (4 cores)
TACC: Tableau TACC1441.

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