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Windows Key Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  I really like the new interface of Windows Key! It is a great improvement over the old DOS interface and much appreciated. With a comment like that I suppose I am showing my age as a long-time user of Windows Key.
Bob Nitrio,
CEO, Ranvest Associates,
Strategic Business & Technology Solutions.

With Windows Key it was a simple (and time/cost efficient) process to reset the password and reconfigure the PCs – and I didn’t have to compromise the former IT department’s integrity.
Robert DeVance,
Owner, R & D Consulting.

I was able to reset the Administrator password and access the system. Thank you, and I will recommend your products and services to anyone in need of such applications.
John H.,
Burnsville, MN.

The program performed flawlessly!!! Thanks sooo much!!! Really, the instructions on your website make it appear to be more complicated than it really is... Anyway, thanks so much. You were a big help, and you were so patient. From a very satisfied customer,
Alvin D.,
Baltimore, MD.


Q: How do I install Windows Key if I do not have administrative privileges on my PC?

You can download Windows Key, install it and create a bootable password reset CD or USB Flash Drive on any PC you have access to. Then please use this CD or the USB Flash on the locked PC to reset the password.

Q: How do I use the software?
You will need Windows 8/7/Vista/2008 or XP/2003 Setup CD in order to use Windows Key. Please follow the step-by-step instructions

Q: I don't have any Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2003 Setup CD. How do I use Windows Key?
You can request a Windows Key .ISO file for download. Then burn this ISO image on a blank CD to get a Windows Key password reset disk.

Q: What version of Windows Setup CD should I use?
It is recommended to use a Windows 8, 7, Vista or Server 2008 Setup CD to create a bootable password reset CD/USB disk for all versions of Windows.
However, it is possible to use a Windows XP SP2 and Server 2003 Setup CD to create a bootable password reset CD/USB disk for Windows XP, 2003, and earlier versions.

Q: How do I burn a WindowsKey.ISO file on a CD?
After your WindowsKey.ISO file is created, Windows Key will prompt you to insert a blank CD-R/RW into your CD-ROM to burn the ISO image. Windows Key will burn a bootable password reset CD with no need for a third-party burning tool.

Q: Windows Key cannot find any Windows installation on my hard disk. What is wrong?
The most probable cause is that your SCSI or RAID hard-disk drive controller is not supported by the standard Windows Setup disk used to create a Windows Key password reset device. Please download additional drivers for your RAID/SCSI controller at the hardware vendor website. Specify the downloaded driver at step 2, and Windows Key will copy it on a password reset ISO image.

Q: What version of Windows Key should I use to reset a local Administrator password on a Windows Server?
To reset local account passwords for Windows 2003/2008 Servers, please use Windows Key Standard Plus or Windows Key Business. Please note that Windows Server 2000 and prior are not supported.

Q: What version of Windows Key should I use to reset a domain Administrator password?
To reset passwords for domain Administrators, please use Windows Key Business.

Q: Does Windows Key support Service Pack 2?
Windows Key supports all Service Packs.

Q: What bearing does Windows Key have on Windows security?
Windows Key is designed as a tool for administrators, not for "crackers". The product has no bearing on Windows security rating, because it requires physical access to the machine. In any computer system, true security from break-ins is achievable only by isolating the machine from distrusted individuals.

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