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  It's a nice tool. It was much faster than all others I found on the web.
Gulshan K.

This is a very good software! It allowed me to be careless in setting tough passwords, as I knew that Passware would crack it for me.

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Zip Key recovers passwords for ZIP archives created with WinZip, PKZip or any other ZIP-compatible software.


  • All versions of WinZip and PKZip are supported
  • New Zip Key decrypts most of WinZip archives in less than an hour with our new SureZip™ Recovery
  • Fast password recovery engine - up to 5,000,000 passwords checked per second on an average P-IV system
  • Brute-Force, Xieve™, SureZip™, Known Plaintext and Dictionary attacks are used to recover the password
  • Advanced 128-bit and 256-bit AES Encryption is supported
  • Additional user dictionaries support, case changes, multiple mistypes and other modifications for each dictionary word
  • Program automatically saves password search state and can resume after a stop or a crash
  • Patterns can be used to minimize search time if any part of the password is known
  • Non-English characters in passwords are supported
  • Self-Extracting Zip Files (SFX) are supported
  • Full install/uninstall support

Demo limitations

  • Demo version recovers passwords containing no more than 3 characters.


  • Zip compression software uses relatively strong encryption algorithm that makes instant password calculation (without knowing at least one file from the archive) impossible. Brute-Force attack is the slowest approach and can test all the passwords of up to 8 characters. Xieve™ attack is much faster and is capable of recovering passwords of up to 10 characters. Dictionary attack is the fastest method - there is no limitation on password length. Known Plaintext attack instantly decrypts an archive if there is at least one file from the archive available unencrypted, regardless of the password length.
  • Password recovery speed for archives protected with Advanced 128-bit or 256-bit AES Encryption is very slow - about 70-80 passwords per second on average PC.
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